August is over, thanks to everyone who joined in the challenges! Even if you were only able to do a few of the prompts it was fun to see how you handled them. :D  Btw, late submissions are still ok!

Till the next challenge! Next time it won’t be on such a short notice.

my drawings for the last prompts: school, wool, disc & heart!

another thing traced from a photo, this time done in MangaStudio (airborne prompt)


Even Naruko would say, “Safety First”!! (for the telephone prompt)

25. Autumn

digital painting puzzles me, I always want to use deep black for outlines and shadows. used a photo ref for the bg.

For the remaining week I will post the prompts in advance. They’re still meant to be done daily one by one, but it’s fine to combine if it’s more efficient for you. (Either way I’m curious to seeing your ideas!)

The last August week’s challenges:

25. Autumn

26. Telephone

27. Airborne

28. School

29. Wool

30. Disc

31. Heart

Good luck!

this was inked with a fine liner but I still feel this deeply.

i love thresher sharks because of their constant “god why no” expression

Today it’s something oldtimey or simply fancy: Quill

Good luck!

since I tend to draw snake themed things but never did a Medusa, I took this as an excuse to…